Sharon B’s Stitch Worksheets: Module 6 on Sale!

Sharon B’s Worksheets: Stitch module 6 available at a special price for 7 days – Pin Tangle.

Just got an email regarding Sharon B’s (Pin Tangle) latest stitching index sheets. The newest module contains 17 stitches including some cool bead embroidery that would be great for crazy quilting and some other stitches that would be good for edgings. Here’s the list:

Stitches in Module 6

•Alternating barred chain

•Alternating buttonhole

•Alternating Cretan

•Alternating feather version 1

•Beaded Alternating feather

•Beaded Cretan

•Beaded double threaded stacked back stitch

•Beaded double Pekinese

•Buttonhole wheel

•Chained Pekinese

•Diminishing Pekinese

•Double Pekinese

•Double threaded back stitch

•Double threaded stacked back stitch

•Pekinese stitch

The special price of $5.00 is only for one week. If you’re not familiar with Sharon’s Worksheets, her first four modules are available for free download so you can try out Sharon’s system. I think you’ll like what you see. Here is a link to the first four modules:

This page will describe the sheets and towards the bottom are the links to each of the four modules.


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