Hi!  I’m Julie.  I like to sew.  A lot.  Since September 2010 Jeff and our two Miniature Schnauzers, Jojo and Taz, have been living in a 27 foot trailer as we follow the sun.  It is cramped.  Sometimes we all get grumpy.  But not when we’re stitchin’.  Jeff stitches leather.  You can see what I stitch here and also at The Shop Sampler.  You can check out loads of cool photos and follow our travels on Jeff’s travelogue called the OddEssay at his website,  The girls have a blog, too, but they haven’t been writing at all.  They are soooo lazy.  I’ll have to get after them.

If you are really interested in blackwork, join The Blackwork Lessons group on Yahoo.  I’ll share my links and patterns and have a class or two–just for you blackwork lovers out there.   I will always answer your questions even if I have to say, “I don’t know” after looking all over for the answer.  Ask at the door.  I’ll let you in!  Or you can use the contact form below.  Just put Blackwork Lessons in the subject line and I’ll know you’re email is a read-me-first email.

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