New Page Added–Links to Free Patterns

My organizing continues.  I’ve finally pulled out an old system I used for writing papers in college and found a use for my old rolodex.  I’ve divided the rolodex into the chapters that I expect the book, Blackwork Lessons, to have.  I’ve put my notes on the rolodex cards and have filed them under the appropriate chapter headings.  It feels soooooo good to be organized and using a system that works for me and is very familiar.  And I’m making good use of my rolodex that hasn’t seen the light of day for over ten years.  I just couldn’t seem to throw it away, too much waste of paper.

And as I’ve jumped into this even more wholeheartedly, I started to set aside the links I have for free patterns online.  You will find the page on the right of this page under the heading “Chapters in Blackwork Lessons.”  As I come across more, I’ll add them and put up a quick note that the page is updated.

I hope you like this addition and hope you will write and tell me which patterns you like and which links you like!  Actually, any feedback at all is most welcome.  Let’s talk Blackwork!  Ask me some questions even!

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