Blackwork Related Links

  • Blackwork Chess Board 14 more men to stitch

    Fourteen more men to stitch in black then outline in gold!

    Berlin Embroidery:  Tanya Berlins Internet Storefront with materials, tutorials, kits, instruction

  • History of English Embroidery:  Useful information and links
  • Seba Blackwork Designs:  Blog, patterns—freebies, too!
  • String Or Nothing:  K.B. Salazar’s blog, much easier to navigate in her new format
  • Ant of Sweden:  Internet store providing numerous blackwork patterns.  Artists to look up include Banu Demirel, Elizabeth Almond, Gül Tektürk, Jeanne Dansby, Pelin Tezer,  and Tam’s Creations.  (One day my name will be on this list, I hope!)
  • The Blackwork Guild:  While the site is somewhat disappointing, membership entitles you to a wonderful newsletter by Leslie Wilkins chock full of patterns you’re not going to find anywhere else.
  • The Mad Samplar:  The home page is the portal to either a book store or a materials shop, including fine threads, fabrics, and patterns, and more!

Page updated:  9.12.2012

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