Ort: noun Usually, orts. a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal. In this case bits of thread left from stitching!
Pattern for Ort Box Designed by Marilyn Owen
Color Design by Julie Castle

Just a quick note to let you know I have posted something I think is important on The Shop Sampler about the increase of infringement of confidential and copyrighted information on the internet.  Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Also I’ve been updating some info on my pages (see tabs associated with header.)  Still checking links, was surprised to see Seba Blackwork Designs web address had changed.  Good thing I’m checking!

Preparing for a dinner party and my current TAST challenge, so will catch up with Blackwork this weekend!  BTW, my Trebizond silk has been ordered and is on its way here!  Yea!

8 thoughts on “Orts

    • Most certainly, I need to see, however, if the class is still offered so I can add a link to it. And I wasn’t sure who designed the stitching pattern. I know there was talk of CyberPointers offering the class again. Do you know if they are. I don’t think the pattern can be purchased elsewhere, though I know the fold up nature of the box has been around for decades. I got my first from my Dad when he came home from one of his tours in Southeast Asia in the 60s and 70s.

      • CyberPointers did offer the class again a couple of months ago. I just checked on the ANG web site and unfortunately the isn’t a link for the Chapter Project Book that Marilyn’s Ort Box was in. Here’s a link to it on the CyberPointers site – http://www.cyberpointers.org/?p=916. As far as I know, Marilyn isn’t selling the pattern, but I have her e-mail address if you want to check with her. I like your colors. I have some interlock canvas, but haven’t had time to stitch one myself yet. That’s cool that your Dad brought you back a folding box like that from Asia. Is it fabric or washi paper or something else? I might have to try making an embroidered one out of fabric. That could be fun…

      • I’m not sure what it was made of. It was embossed and kind of waxy. Does that sound like the paper you mentioned?

        The Ort Box I made is actually lined with black suede.

      • Actually the Thai paper with gold circles on it looked like the material they were made of. He told us they were used like change purses.

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