Hand Health for Stitchers

Before we left for Mississippi, I had my thumb injected with cortisone as I was experiencing “trigger thumb.”  Very painful.  Possibly related to stitching.  I didn’t need the xrays to tell me I have arthritic changes in my hands.  I can see little knobs on my finger joints that told me several years ago that I would be heading for hand problems.  To be kind to my hands (and because I can’t freely bend my dominant thumb) I haven’t placed a single stitch on fabric for eight weeks now.  And I need to stitch.  Stitching is closely linked to sanity in my being!

Fortunately, The Universe sent me a special email message.  If you love stitching as much as I do, you need to read this message, too.  It is a timely post from my favorite Blogging Expert, Time Thief, entitled Hand and Wrist Exercises for Bloggers.  But, really it’s for anyone who uses their hands, wrists and fingers a lot.  Like stitchers.  It’s even got links for exercises for people with arthritis of the hands from experts no less than the Mayo Clinic!

I’ve already started doing the exercises, except for where it requires bending my thumb.  The thumb is getting better, but until the inflammation is gone, I’m not going to abuse it.  Instead I have splinted it and am finishing an afghan I’ve been knitting.  Just have to do the border now.  But how I want to stitch!

6 thoughts on “Hand Health for Stitchers

    • Thank you! I read all of your posts and always find something useful. This link may go on a page of critical resources for stitchers that I’m cooking up. Thanks again!

  1. Thanks for posting this link. I worry regularly about how arthritic my hands are getting from stitching and I keep meaning to look into prevention.

    • I hear you! I used to think stitching and knitting was a good way to keep the joints moving freely and avoid the problems of aging. How wrong I was. Add in genetic predisposition to bone problems and it’s a double whammy! Thanks for reading!

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