On The Road

We are hitting the road tomorrow, heading south to Mississippi.  I’m planning on keeping my eyes open to see if I can find any motifs in our travels that would translate well to a blackwork design.  I have also uploaded all the files I have gathered from the internet about Islamic Architecture and Art as well as quasicrystalline geometry, the foundations of Spanish Work or blackwork.  So there is much reading I can be catching up on while we are on the road and don’t have access to unlimited electric power.  Luckily, I can recharge my reader from the car battery.

When we stop and have a connection, I’ll post what I have learned in my travels.  BTW, today I found some nice red spangles to use on my Blackwork Mystery Sampler.  I was thinking, too, that if I can’t get the red congress cloth, I could do a basketweave in red on a plan 18 ct mesh canvas, then do the blackwork stitching over that.  We’ll see.  Would love to hear what you think about the outside border and if you are planning on stitching along with me!

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