My Homework

My research continues in the realm of Islamic Art and Architecture.  It is becoming quite a large project and I think I need to reorganize and outline what I hope to accomplish on the blog versus the book idea I have.  It would be helpful if any readers could comment on what they would like to know about–actually stitching blackwork, where to find free patterns, how to design blackwork, or any other questions?

For now, I intend to focus on the history.  After a little bit more reading (actually a lot as I have a number of books on geometry in art that I’m still waiting on) I will finalize “Lesson One” and move onto “Lesson Two” which will look at materials and stitches common in blackwork.  Everyone seems to have their own idea and I will summarize those findings in “Lesson Two.”  The next Lesson will be a brief look at the geometry of the stitches so you might be able to develop your own patterns, however simple.  The fourth Lesson will be starting the journey of creating your own blackwork sampler, using simple stitches and building upon them to learn in an organic way the concept of blackwork shading.

I am also continuing to sort and organize my digital resources and filing them on the Blackwork Lessons Yahoo Group that you are more than welcome to join.  Plus adding links and pages here to share some stuff with the world at large.

So, that’s the plan.  Would love to hear any suggestions you might have!

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